Accreditations play a major role in the establishment of an evolving student team thereby encouraging us towards finer individual development. We aim towards providing the advancing technological world the better of our innovations.


Listed below are our notable research works and patents:

V2 Pneumatic Engine

Design of an engine whose cylinders are placed in ‘V’ Shape was engineered which was powered by compressed air. The delivery revolutions per minute of it depended upon the pressure of input air supplied. This type of system proves to be eco-friendly due to no combustion of gases. This type of system relates to the field where compressed air is used to provide rotational movement.

Application No: 201841042517   


Authors: Aditya Rauniyar, Dr. G. Joselin Retna Kumar

Development of Single Motor Differential Drive

Development of Single Motor Differential Drive

Customarily, differential drives for mobile robots consists of two motors whereby each motor attached to their respective wheels can be driven individually in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction at different velocities. In this project, we present a novel design of a differential drive consisting of a single dual-shaft motor and two electromagnetic clutch-brake assemblies capable taking differential turns by varying each wheel velocity by simultaneously engaging and disengaging the electromagnetic clutch-brake assembly at different frequencies. This system fulfils numerous constraints faced by existing differential drives for mobile robots.

Development of Line Sensors

A&D01: The Eagle Eye A&D01 is an Ambient Light Sensor with 1 LED-Phototransistor pair offering great precision and accuracy, which makes it a great choice for line following robots. This line sensor boasts the capability to work even at significantly higher distances above the ground which other line sensors fail to do. The line sensor is also capable delivering consistent output even on glossy surfaces which is usually not possible or difficult in IR based line sensors. 

A&D08: The Eagle Eye A&D08 is an Ambient Light Sensor array with 8 LED-Phototransistor pairs offering great precision and accuracy, which makes it a great choice for line following robots. Its offers the similar specifications and features as A&D08.

Application No: 201841042002


Authors: Shubham Devidas Gujar, Dr. G. Joselin Retna Kumar 

Inspecting a ferrous pipe

We have also filed patent for the title "An apparatus for Inspecting a ferrous pipe" on 26th September, 2017.

Application No: 201741034200

Author: Vedant Desai