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Drones to the Assistance

Amid the fight against the world threatening virus, humans have built tech that work as a strong arm in this battle. In this post let's look at the bots that are specialized in functions including transportation, surveillance etc, thereby allowing us to connect and function in remote places.

From being a sophisticated play toy to assessing the behavior of public,drones have always been of immense assistance to the service providing sector of the country. During such crisis time, these bots have explicitly eased the pressure of the fight. Take a look at how.

Chinese company, a big player in autonomous delivery systems, has used the quarantine conditions to push their autonomous ground vehicles from the lab to the street. Taking the form of miniature electric vans,'s delivery robots are safely driving along Wuhan’s roads and carrying out the last-mile stage of package delivery (that is, the stage where a package is sent from the local storage hub to the client’s address). Capable of piloting themselves around complicated road conditions day or night, these robots are making the majority of the company’s medical deliveries.

In what’s being billed as a "world first," startup Manna Aero has begun a drone delivery service in Moneygall, Ireland. Delivering medicine to vulnerable people locked in their homes, it provides yet another strong example of how technology is helping the world adjust to life in the shadow of the corona-virus. The drones will deliver prescription orders for medicine to around a dozen households. Manna Zero’s founder Bobby Healy confirms the drones ensure "zero human-contact” and can execute deliveries “in ways normal delivery can't."

In France, the police have started using drones to help enforce its lock down, monitoring parks and public spaces to make sure people are not leaving their homes for non-essential trips, while, in the UK, Northamptonshire police are planning to increase their fleet of drones, which will be equipped with speakers to transmit public information messages and tell people to get back indoors.

Through its group company Antwork, Japanese company Terra Drone is employing its UAV system to transport medical samples and quarantine supplies in China to fight the coronavirus. Antwork’s RA3 and tr7s drones and unmanned RH1 station are ensuring that medical samples and quarantine materials can travel with minimal risk between Xinchang County People’s Hospital and Xinchang County’s disease control center. The automatic, unmanned air delivery system significantly reduces contact between samples and personnel, as well as improves delivery speed.

Chinese agriculture technology company XAG is actively working hard to combat the contagious disease with innovative technologies and by assisting local governments on public health and safety. They will enable XAG’s agricultural drone users to receive the much needed technical drone support to effectively carry out aerial disinfectant sprays that help curb the spread of the virus, especially in rural villages with weaker health systems and poorer sanitation conditions.

The Chinese government has been using drones equipped with thermal sensors. These government drones are now scanning the population to find people, potentially infected with COVID-19, who should not be out and about.

Municipal corporations in several cities of India have been spraying disinfectant liquid over using special ‘corona combat drones’ over congested slums, unauthorised colonies and markets in view of COVID-19 outbreak. The liquid sprayed by the drones has no harmful effects on humans. The sanitizing liquid being used is ‘a solution of 1 per cent Sodium Hypochlorite in water, which through its soap-like action dissolves the lipid (fatty) outer layer of Sars-Cov-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) and kills it.

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