We have successfully built ourselves a platform for students to open up their minds and create technologies that can change our future to reimagine the world, different, but better than what we see today.

This reflects in our accomplishments, providing the imprints of the marks we've made down this road to recreate for the greater good.


Techmux Hackathon

We designed Demeter, an incubator for agriculture which is a fusion between the concepts of a Hydroponics and LED conductive rendering for enhanced plant growth. It worked on the principle of growing plants in a nutrient rich water- based environment which gave us an edge over the contemporary methods. We devised a system to vary the emission spectrum as per the crop’s requirement and also formed an algorithm to take into consideration several phenomena like photoperiodism.

Moreover, we enabled remote monitoring of all the environment parameters such as humidity, temperature, water level of reservoir and intensity as well as wavelength of led emission spectrum with the aim of providing complete control over the climatic conditions faced by the crops to the user. Red and blue lights have the greatest impact on plant growth because they are the major energy sources for photosynthetic CO2 assimilation.


The team of ROBOCON 2015 and 2017 secured its highest ever National Rank of 13 among 110 teams.


At ROBOCON 2014, the team overcame many hurdles to complete the statement – “Salute to Parenthood” and won Best Economical Robot award.


One of the few teams that was able to integrate encoders in a cohesive form in ROBOCON 2013.